PFB Se.-Hungary-Pomáz



6 hours ultra-distance race-

„Aim for the 56 kms!”



Date of the race: 23/10/2019

Location: Skanzen of Szentendre



Participation on the race can be:

- Individual

- In teams of 2, 3 or 4 people


Start: 9:00 -15:00

Warmup start time: 8:40- 8:55

Announcement of results: 16:00


Race number distribution: At the venue on the day of the race from 7:30 AM to 8:30 AM


The course is 2,34 km, with a comfortable turner and chip control at 1,17 km.

90% of the course is asphalt, the rest is gravel. Level rise is 25 meter per lap, the slope is the same. The route is marked with buoys and ribbons and helpers are located along the course.

There will be 2 refreshments: at the turner and at the Start-Finish line. ( ISO, coke, water, raisin, glucose, buttered bread, salty tomato).

Restrooms will be in 3 places along the course, changing rooms, masseurs and medical supervision will be in the court of the Start-Finish area.

There will be tents set up in the court of the Start-Finish area for the switching teams for the switches and for individual refreshments.

For individual participants we will provide tables for individual refreshments.

Important notice for teams: 

The teams can switch in hourly schedules, every time in the court of the Start-Finish area, after passing the chip mat.


The results of the race will be published, announced every hour. The end of the race will be signaled with a horn, when every participant must stop wherever they are on the course, then the judge will measure the distance covered and adds it to the distance recorded by the chip.


The museum will grant the entire course of the race for the participants on the day of the event.


Entry limit:

Individual: 300 participants

Teams of 2: 30 teams

Teams of 3: 30 teams

Teams of 4: 30 teams


Registration is open from 01/04/2019 till 11/10/2019.


Entry fees:



Open race:     01/04/2019-31/05/2019: 9000 HUF

                        01/06/2019-31/08/2019: 11.000 HUF

                        01/09/2019-11/10/2019: 13.000 HUF


Teams of 2:    01/04/2019-31/05/2019: 14000 HUF  / team

                          01/06/2019-31/08/2019: 16.000 HUF / team

                          01/09/2019-11/10/2019: 18.000 HUF / team


Teams of 3:  01/04/2019-31/05/2019: 19.500 HUF / team

                         01/06/2019-31/08/2019: 21.500 HUF / team

                         01/09/2019-11/10/2019: 23.500 HUF/ team


Teams of 4:  01/04/2019-31/05/2019: 26.000 HUF / team

                         01/06/2019-31/08/2019: 27.500 HUF / team

                         01/09/2019-11/10/2019: 29.000 HUF / team


Everyone owning a Spuri Gold Card will get a 15% discount from the entry fee.

The discount (“15%) has to be highlighted in the comment section when wire transferring the entry fee and will be verified at the distribution of race numbers with confirmation text or e-mail message.


Invoice claim for the entry fee should be indicated in the system during the registration process. If the addressee of the invoice differs from the application data, please highlight it as well.

The entry fee should be wire transferred to the following bank account of the Pomázi Futó Bajnokok Se:


Pomázi Futó Bajnokok Se

CIB Bank: 10701348-69498567-51100005

IBAN szám: HU55107013486949856751100005

In the comment section please provide the name and registration code.

There is no registration possibility at the venue.

If the limit of participants is reached before the registration deadline, we will close the registration process.


The content of the entry fee:

  • participation on the race
  • full refreshment on the track
  • additional refreshment at the finish line
  • electronic time tracking
  • individual, emblemed FINISHER T-shirt
  • free download of pictures taken at the race
  • free certificate for every participant from the website of EVO Chip
  • cup and medal for the winners
  • medical supervision
  • secured route
  • individual medal for finishers
  • free entry for the runners and their families to every exhibition on the complete area of the Skanzen




Individual category: Open race: Women and men: 1st, 2nd and 3rd place


Teams of 2, 3, 4:  Women’s and Men’s category: 1st, 2nd and 3rd place

(Mixed categories will be awarded in the men’s category.)



Other rules:

  • By entering the race all participants accept the competition rules of the race. With that they acknowledge that everyone participates at their own risk, they declare that their health conditions comply with the requirements to participate in the competition and accept that the organizers cannot be required to compensate for any potential health damage, or any other damage correlated to the race.
  • Organizers will not undertake safekeeping of valuables.
  • The race numbers should be worn in the front in a visible place. The numbers should not be folded, safety pins for securing them can be found in the starter package and in the competition center.
  • Participants who fold, cover, take off their race numbers, fill out the registration form with false or incomplete data, do not complete the full length of the race (set by the organizers), or do not use the chip as intended, will be eliminated from the race.
  • Competitors leaving the course of the track or conducting unsportsmanlike behavior against other competitors will be eliminated from the race.
  • The area of the Skanzen is a part of the Cultural Heritage, a Museum, preserving its area and values is an essential part of the race for all participants and attendants.
  • Teams are free to decide on switching, but it always needs to take place hourly at the start-finish area
  • Teams should pay special attention to the individual participants both on the track and at the refreshment points.
  • The use of accompanying cars and bicycles on the race is only allowed to the organizers.
  • The results of the race will be continuously posted at the venue and will be displayed on our website within 24 hours.
  • Consuming food or beverages for competitors is only allowed at the designated refreshment stations.
  • Skating, riding a bike on the route of the race or running without a race number or with a dog is strictly prohibited.
  • Any kind of commercial or advertising activity or promoting other running events is only allowed in the agreed form or manner with the prior permission of the organizers.
  • The organizers reserve the right to limit the number of participants for organizational reasons and to close the registration process at any time.
  • The organizers reserve the right to change the route, the switching distances, the program and the timing of the event.
  • The organizers reserve the right to take pictures and videos of the race and the participants, which will be the property of the organizers. The pictures and videos can be used freely by the organizers in their advertisements and other communication materials (ex. posters, flyers), so the subjects of these photos or videos are not entitled for any kind of remuneration.
  • The race will take place even in rainy or cold weather. Dangerous, extreme circumstances however may lead the organizers to decide that the event should be postponed or cancelled. In this case, depending on their possibilities, the organizers will do everything to compensate the ones who are impacted.

Runners coming from across the border can pay the entry fee at the venue at the price which was valid at the time of the registration.

- After the registration process, our system sends an automatic confirmation e-mail, if you haven’t received one within a short time, then you most probably have misspelled your e-mail address (I could tell stories);

- We are not sending further confirmation e-mails about the receipt of the entry fees. Received registrations and crediting of entry fees can be checked on our website at the start list.

- The entry fees are booked manually in the days following the payment/transfer.


  • The organizers are not responsible for the valuables placed in the competition area or in the cloakroom.
  • No entry fee can be refunded, but the registration can be changed to the name of another competitor by Wednesday before the race, provided that it has been previously agreed in e-mail.