PFB Se.-Hungary-Pomáz

Dear Competitors,
Today morning we received a letter from the Town Council of Budakalász.
In light of the epidemiological situation they are NOT allowing the 100 km Hungarian Championship

to be organized, they are requesting it to be postponed. Naturally, we also act according to the law
and responsibly accept the decisions of the city administration and the government. We want to
make sure, from every aspect, that everyone’s health is the most important thing, so we are asking
all of you to accept this measure, even if it’s not the most pleasant decision right now. The health of
all of us is the most important aspect of these actions and we also think this way.
By prior arrangement, if the epidemiological situation changes and the state of emergency is
revoked, we will hold the 100 km Championship at the same time with the 50 km race on the 1st of
May 2020.
If the situation is unchanged till then, we will find another suitable time for the event with the city
Of course, everyone’s registration for the 100 km Hungarian Championship will be valid for the later
date, and the medals, T-shirts, etc. will be handed over on that day after the completion of the race.
We will continuously keep you informed about any further measures or consultations.
Thank you very much for your understanding!